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A gadget enthusiast and die-hard Android fan from Mainland China.

In-depth review of the ABOX A4: a fine TV box, but nothing more

The good: Fine crafted design. Nice build quality. Solid media playback performance. Useful voice control functions. Reasonable price. The bad: Poor support for mouse and keyboard. Unstable overall performance. Most icons in the app drawer look blurry, regardless of the output resolution. The remote doesn’t always work with smartphone apps. No dual-band Wi-Fi (ABOX promised [...]

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In-depth Review of the Creative Aurvana Trio Triple Driver IEM

Pros: Easy to drive. Natural and balanced sound. Comfort and Isolation. Reasonable price. Cons: The Plastic IEM housing lacks premium feel. Midrange is not entirely clear. Only a few accessories. Creative Aurvana headphones are known for their high audio quality and moderate prices. The Aurvana Trio IEM, which has been equipped with triple drivers, is [...]

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Alldocube X1 Tablet Hands-on Review: A Solid 4G Tablet, yet it’s still Android

The good: Fine crafted design and nice build quality. Crystal clear display. Decent performance. Solid battery life. The bad: The display is too dim for outdoor use. The operating system isn’t the most up-to-date. Charging is extremely slow. It is not hard to notice that a new premium Android tablet is a rare occurrence these [...]

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Beelink GS1 TV Box Review: a Beauty and a Beast

The GS1 is the latest release of Beelink, a brand well-known for making quality TV Boxes and mini PCs. Equipped with an Allwinner H6 SoC., it is also Beelink’s first product that supports 6K video decoding. But how does it really perform in our daily life and how does it fare against the more hyped [...]

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Alldocube KNote Review: A Convertible with an 11.6-inch Display and 6GB RAM

2-in-1 convertible PCs have been gaining popularity in recent years, with Windows 10 fleshing out those devices with features and functionalities. Users like them because they’re convenient, and PC builders and app developers like them because they represent new opportunities. As one of the best-known suppliers of affordable tablet computers, Alldocube has released quite a [...]

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Alldocube Freer X9 Hands-on Review

Alldocube, a.k.a Cube, is a Chinese brand best known for making affordable Android tablets. With the demand for Android tablets getting smaller each year, many of Chinese tablet makers either disappeared or changed their business focus, Alldocube hanged on. As a matter of fact, they released quite a number of models of different sizes this [...]

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Jide Remix X1 Review: Still More TV Box than Mini PC

According to StatCounter, Android OS officially overtook Windows as the world’s most popular operating system in April, 2017. While Android’s dominance in the smartphone and tablet industries grows, its market share in the desktop PC world is still less than 1%. Jide Technology, a company which was founded by three ex-Google engineers in 2014, has [...]

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Alldocube WP10 Review: a 7-inch Windows Phone

  Earlier this year, Microsoft announced that they had given up on Windows Phone. HP, HTC and many other OEMs also cancelled their plans to release phones running Windows 10 Mobile Operating System. However, Cube, a Shenzhen based Chinese company, wouldn’t let Windows Mobile go so easily. They recently released a new 7-inch phablet called [...]

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