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OUKITEL K10000 MAX VS iPad mini 4 VS iPhone 7 Plus Battery Consumption Test, presale starts next week

The world’s first 10000mAh tri-proof smartphone OUKITEL K10000 MAX is starting global first presale next week. To give a real definition about its battery endurance, OUKITEL Lab is comparing the K10000 MAX battery consumption rate to iPhone 7 Plus and iPad mini 4. iPhone X and iPhone 8 were just announced and make iPhone fans crazy, but when looking at [...]

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OUKITEL K3 is more than looks like Sony Xperia XZ Premium, fully quick charge in 2hours & 50 minutes

OUKITEL K3, a smartphone that carries both fashionable element as well as performance already started presale last week. At the first Look at this smartphone, it indeed looks similar like the Sony Xperia XZ Premium, but if taking a closer check, they are different. The two devices both sports a 5.5 inch display with dual curved glossy design on front [...]

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Voyo V3 Pentium running Linux with a new Bios update

Since today the Vovo V3 Pentium and the Voyo V3 Pro are able to run with standard Linux Distributions like Ubuntu. Before Windows 10 was the only option for this capable device, accept you have installed an Arch Linux Distro in systemd mode instead of grub2. Any other Linux would in my experience fail, with a hanging prompt while booting. [...]

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Excellent shooting experience, OUKITEL K3 dual 16MP Cameras with Samsung IC

Recently OUKITEL released a unique smartphone OUKITEL K3 which is said to be a smartphone which is designed for the success and businessman. It satisfies all the needs for a businessman by its good cameras, large battery and powerful performance.   When you are in a meeting and want to capture the content on the large screen, it is essential [...]

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We already knew that we have the PINe64 developer board. Now the same Company released the ROCK64 developer board. That Board is based on the new RK3328 Rockchip CPU. The ROCK64 Media Board Computer has the Size of 85mm to 56 mm. So the same Size of a Credit Card. It also features a so called Pi-2 Bus where you can [...]

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Rockchip move away from the Darkside of closed Source Code

As Android Developer I always want to have the Sources for a Product I am Working on. In the beginning Rockchip, they were more like Allwinner hiding their Sources. Then they begin to open their Sources for Developers slowly. Now they make the final Step and open there Sources as Open for Everybody. Yes, we talk about Open Source. Also, [...]

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