New Amlogic T962E SoC coming to TV Boxes

The Amlogic T962E SoC has no doubt a variant of the Amlogic T962 that integrates into some models of Smart TV like those of Xiaomi. Thanks to the integration of this Quad Core SoC this counts as a novelty with input and output of video HDMI 2.0 4K , something that is not supported by the most common SoC of Amlogic and that allows to connect the TV-Box to external sources of video as usually happens in Realtek SoC. We started to see HDMI input on devices powered by Mstar MSO9810 processor a few years, and more recently Realtek RTD1295 processor has become [...]

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Voyo V3 Pentium running Linux with a new Bios update

Since today the Vovo V3 Pentium and the Voyo V3 Pro are able to run with standard Linux Distributions like Ubuntu. Before Windows 10 was the only option for this capable device, accept you have installed an Arch Linux Distro in systemd mode instead of grub2. Any other Linux would in my experience fail, with a hanging prompt while booting. With the opened new Bios, you can choose, which operation system, you would like to install in the bios settings. For Ubuntu distributions die option Intel Linux is recommended, but strange it does not work with Arch Linux, but I figured [...]

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