Oukitel K7000 – a very complete entry-level phone

The Oukitel K7000 stands out first of all because of its very pleasant low price.
It could be a good idea to give it away to someone who has little experience with smartphones.
Frequent users will hardly resort to an entry-level smartphone. Still, I was surprised how well the phone does its job.

The design is quite impressive, The frame is even made of metal and it is overall very good in the hand.
It runs very smoothly and the small 2000er battery brings it nevertheless on a good running time of 1-2 days depending upon use.
The screen is pleasantly bright, sharp and easy to use.

Here is my short review in detail:

+ very stable Android 6, which is also enough for beginners, but also for those who are not constantly using their mobile phone
+ The firmware is very tidy, no superfluous apps, and anyone can download exactly the apps they really need through Google Play
+ The small 2000 battery is used sparingly by the firmware, which is why the runtime is remarkably good.
For example, the battery only has about 2% consumption overnight. That’s a really efficient deep sleep.
+ The entry-level hardware is no weakness with standard applications for mail and chat, video running smoothly
+ The wireless range and strength is okay, the mobile data reception is also running without any problems, even 4g is available
+ The HD resolution of the display is completely sufficient to deliver a sharp and detailed Blid
+ The audio sound on the small speaker in the phone is loud when needed without being shrill. Of course,
the sound is much better with headphones
– no LED notification light
– no protective case included

The K7000 is a positive surprise for me. Despite battery with small capacity, the runtime is good.
Basic applications for e-mail, chat and video telephony work without any problems.
A little card game in between, of course, is also possible.
All in the HD 720 format for the price called in my opinion, in any case, 5 star value.

Thanks to the JINYJIA E-SHOP on Amazon for the test sample.

or on  Amazon.com

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